Mobile & Barcode Applications

I wish to thank your team for creating a barcode application for our warehouse. I am most impressed with the project being completed on time and within budget. Best of all, it practically eliminated missed orders. Thank you. -J. Bresson, Bresson Manufacturing

At CxT Group, we offer custom solutions for mobile and barcode devices.

We help clients transform their ideas into successful products that can be used for internal operations or marketed as part of a product line. CxT Group follows established international standards for software development. We deliver robust infrastructures and solid products within structured timeframes.

Clients that implemented barcodes in their operations increased the productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of their business processes. In warehouse environments, barcodes provide instant feedback to inquiries and also generate audible tones to warn users of possible data entry errors.

We develop applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile OS.

To learn more about the custom mobile and barcode development services offered by CxT Group, please contact us today with your requirements and specifications.