Custom Software Development Quality Assurance

I found CxT Group’s staff to be very focused, and they displayed creativity in meeting project deadlines when others thought that a particular task or date was unachievable. I would encourage any interested party to hire CxT Group.” -Joseph J. Whall, The Whall Group

CxT Group, Inc. is a US-based software development and integration company. We are headquartered in Metro Detroit with offices in Ohio, California and Paris, France. Our services include custom software development, mobile and barcode application development, database optimization and web application development.

For every project, the project manager develops a software test plan and an integration test plan to ensure that a high-quality application is delivered to our customer. Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a formal process for evaluating and documenting the quality of the work products created during each stage of software development.

The primary objective is to ensure the production of high-quality software applications according to stated requirements and industry standards. SQA is tailored to fit each client’s unique project and maps back to the project planning and lifecycle to the project planning and lifecycle description documents for the project.

Our testers, project manager, and software developers work in synergy and employ various testing methodologies to guarantee the highest software quality. The following QA methods are utilized:

  1. Peer-to-Peer Testing – Closely following test scenarios developed for the module, each function is thoroughly tested by the development members on the team. A junior developer tests controlled normal and abnormal conditions and communicate the results to the developer.
  2. Compatibility Testing – In cases when the application needs to function under various operating systems with various service packs we perform compatibility testing. Testing and documenting the behavior of the program is an important step in preparing the application for delivery to the client.
  3. Integration Testing – The new application usually needs to function within existing environment on client’s network. we perform thorough integration testing to assure that our programs programs works correctly in client’s environment.
  4. User Acceptance Testing and Regression Testing – These two steps are highly valuable in ensuring the highest customer satisfaction. We work closely with client’s team in testing the application to ensure the application functions as requested and eliminate any errors.

We pride ourselves on our high-standards of custom software development quality assurance. CxT Group project managers use the following standards as guides for developing an SQA process for each project:

  • ANSI/IEEE 730.1: Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans
  • ANSI/IEEE 1028: Standard for Software Reviews and Audits
  • ANSI/IEEE 1012: Standard for Software Verification and Validation
  • SEI/CMM: SQA Key Process Area